Time to invest in yourself.

You’ll receive products you’ll cherish and an experience to remember.

When discussing boudoir photography with individuals, I found a common theme arising that I found interesting. A lot of these individuals were doing boudoir for someone else.

“I want to gift this to my partner.”
“My partner will love these.”
“I want others to see how amazing I look.”

And while I wholeheartedly believe that is
absolutely wonderful,
I heard more “them” and not a lot of “me”s and “I”s.

I want to move the focus to you.
“I want to gift this to myself.”
“I will love these.”
“I want myself to see how amazing I look.”

Taking this journey of seeing yourself in a different light is just the beginning. No longer are we taking boudoir for them, but we are taking it for ourselves.

What is your “why”

Every session is catered to each individual and this all starts with a consultation. The best way to have the best experience is to get to know one another, but also this is where you can ask any additional questions you may have, tell me what you're envisioning for your session, and hear more about how I can bring this session to life for you.




There are many directions you can go with wardrobe and I'm here to help. Each session can have up to three different looks - I have a client closet available if you'd like access, but I can also assist on recommendations on where to shop and what styles may work best for the look you want. 

wardrobe assistance


Optional hair and makeup can be booked through me with one of my preferred vendors:
Wedded Kiss
Peach Cowgirl

Booking through me allows for discount pricing! 

Hair and makeup


As soon as you're ready, I like to have a final, brief sit down with my clients to go over further expectations with the rest of the session. This is where you can let me know of any last minute questions or concerns you may have, and it can also helps calm any nerves. After that, I'll guide you through the entire process, including posing. I like to keep communication lines open throughout the whole session and will let you know just how amazing you're doing!

Photo session


After your session, I will start the post-processing process. My goal is to embrace your body to its fullest and only edit photos to enhance the vibe and feel. I do light skin smoothing and blemish removal, but do not do any body manipulation/modification. 



Once you have chance to see your images, we will walk through product selection so you can display your new works of art. I have chosen a beautiful lab with the highest of quality, elegance, and character that I know you will fall in love with.



the                 experience


Whether this is your first boudoir experience or you've already had one (or more) in the past, I strive to deliver an amazing experience for you to remember.  My goal is to connect with you on a personal level and make you feel open and at ease. I believe building this connection is the key to really allowing you to be seen. You have a story, and I'm ready to listen and to make you feel that you are a work of art, completely mesmerizing. 

This is not a hand-off experience - I work with you from beginning to end. From mood boards to product delivery, you are taken care of each step of the way. 

Minimalistic · Classic · Poetic

"Her eye for effortless beauty is amazing"

- Tatyana

Consultation (video call)
Wardrobe assistance*
Photo session in a private studio
Post-production editing
Customized product ordering (and assistance)

Session fee $299**

Session investment

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Collections start at $900, with the average client spending $2,100.

*Ethereal clients also receive a complimentary VIP lingerie fitting with The Perky Lady (located in downtown Apex)
**Please note the session fee does not cover any products